The Company

Russell Kilgore Photography (RKP) is a bespoke photography studio that provides high quality photography services to Metro Atlanta and other surrounding areas. With a personal, real, and laid back style, the aim for every session is to capture authentic images that showcase clients' unique style and personality.

The History

I would be lying if I said that I have always known that I would be a photographer. My introduction to photography began as a hobby and a way for my cousins and I to spend some time together. I started this journey four years ago and now I'm blessed to be able to make a living in a profession that I absolutely love.

Prior to photography, I worked in the social services sector as a Special Projects Manager for an Atlanta-based human services company. The work was interesting, but the endless amount of spreadsheets, the solitary confinement to a desk, and pain of being creatively stifled helped me to see that I did not fit into a corporate environment.

The Man

I'm the bearded guy behind Russell Kilgore Photography. Whenever I'm not behind the camera (or in front of the computer), I'm just relaxing around the house, sharing some laughs with my family and friends, or on the hunt for a new restaurant to try.

I'm a little bit of a clown and quick to crack a joke...or ten! 

I go utterly bananas for frozen yogurt. If I could, I probably would eat it everyday, twice a day. Don't judge me!

I spend at least a couple of hours a day perusing Pinterest. Is it bad that I have an item on my task list that says, Look at Pinterest?
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